Hookah bar in Lafayette, IN is definitely one of the better hangout lounges in the area. It was establish in 2005 – before I moved to the city. So far it is the only hookah lounge in the area (however, there is a second hookah lounge opening very soon).

Obviously the best thing about the lounge is the fact that they serve hookahs. But I also like their food very much. It is mostly Middle Eastern food and is fairly cheap and very good quality – try their Kefteh Kabob if you go there.

lafayette Hookah

Their hookahs right now are four different prices:

  1. $7.99 for a cheap tobacco hookah
  2. $11.99 for medium tobacco
  3. $14.99 for Starbuzz tobacco
  4. $17.99 for fruit hookahs (they use actual fruits)

To be honest I don’t like their cheap and average hookahs too much, comparing to other hookah bars that I’ve been. The hookahs itself are not so good and the tobacco is not packed well. Also, they leave the tobacco out of its box in a jar for a long time before using which causes it to loose the juice (the more popular flavors don’t have this problem).

However, I like their new $14.99 hookahs. The hookahs are much better, and the tobacco (Starbuzz) smokes very well and for a long time.

At nights the Lafayette hookah lounge becomes more of a bar. I forgot to mention that they serve beer, wine, and liquor (also bottle service) too. Every other Thursday Fad i(the owner) brings a belly dancer as well. Last fall (2007) they had hookah specials for different nights and a buffet on Sundays. I’m not sure if they still do though.

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16 years ago

I kind of like their setup, or how it looks from the picture anyway. I do prefer a more social place as opposed to the places that have all private booths. When I go to smoke, I want to be around people, lots of people. Those things kind of isolate you from everyone.

Those are some expensive hookahs! But they do serve Starbuzz.

16 years ago

Ya (referring to layla’s comment) I like the same kind of social set up. Habibi out in CA is a lot like that but they have the same packing issue’s that you mentioned here.

My cafe is going to be a lot like this but my business partner and I want to make sure to hire people who actually are well versed in preparing the shisha. I hate hookah bars that don’t take care of their shisha or put the care into packing each bowl. I really think that each smoke out of a hookah should be equally enjoyable. And rather than making a worse to better menu for hookah. Make it different. Cuz when I add fruit to my hookah it isn’t necessarily better as it is “different”. It all depends on what you want at that moment. Not how much money you have in your wallet.

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