Paul: Hello Paul and Cari here with another review for you. This one is Social Smoke Banana Foster, which is one of their newer flavors. It came out just a few months ago.

I am not the biggest fan of banana flavors. I find that a lot of them tend to be a little uninteresting and at times a little unpleasant because a lot of them come across as super artificial.

I’m not entirely hating this. I think that this is an okay tobacco. I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve been smoking this since I was actually sent a prerelease sample of this one to try out and I think if I were to equate the flavor to anything, it’s like a combination of banana runts, a little bit of cream, and brown bananas.

Cari:  I’ll first off state that I have never had Banana Foster so I don’t know what that tastes like anyway because I don’t like bananas.

Paul: For explanation, it’s bananas cooked in brown butter and brown sugar.

Cari:  This tobacco is not terrible. I actually get very little banana flavor off of it. There’s a little bit of that banana runts flavor on the back end, but for the most part I’m getting that brown butter, brown sugar flavor you’re describing, and a little bit of spice of some sort.

Paul: That’s a lot of what I’m getting too. I am enjoying this. As a banana flavor, I don’t think it’s a particularly good banana flavor, but I think in comparison to a lot of the banana flavors on the market, I’d take this over them most days because most of them are not good.

This I think is pretty moderate. It’s middle of the road for me.

Cari:  I’ll fully admit that I was dreading smoking this because I don’t like banana and I was pretty ready to utterly hate this and it’s not terrible. I would smoke it again if someone had it. I probably wouldn’t pack it for myself, but if it was around I wouldn’t turn it down.

Paul: For someone who absolutely hates banana flavors, that’s actually a pretty good review all things considered. I’m going to give it a sideways yes because I’m enjoying it well enough as a banana’s foster flavor, which is what they’re going for.

It’s mostly a buttery creamy mild banana sweet brown sugar flavor. I like it. Its not one of my first picks, but I like it.

Cari:  Not one of my favorites, but it’s enjoyable.

Paul: Social Smoke, thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to try this one. I think you did a good job with an interesting flavor and I’m not sure who else would have done as well with this.

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Talk to you guys next time and thanks for joining us. Happy smoking.

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