fumo-jarGlass hookahs have had a long and varied history, with every level of quality represented. From the high end and ultra-premium Crown Hookah glass rigs down to the abysmally fragile Ankh, I’ve seen it all and now we have the Fumo Jar to garner some attention.

Obviously, almost every component of this hookah is made from high quality glass. he only parts that are not glass are the screen, wind-cover and the hose, but even the hose can be ordered with glass tips to replace the metal you see in the picture to the right. The connections are all ground glass, so there are no grommets to deal with and there will never be leaks in the main body of this pipe.

Let’s get the price out of the way. This pipe is beautiful and well made, but it’s VERY expensive. Most shops that stocked this pipe are out of stock, but they have a listed price that I have seen approach $300. That’s crazy expensive and much more than I am willing to pay for almost any hookah; especially one that could shatter.

But, does it smoke well? In short, yes. This is a small pipe with a fairly short stem that offers a fairly open and quiet pull, thanks to the integrated diffuser. The standard model only comes with one hose, but it can be instantly upgraded to a 2 or 3 hose hookah by simply plugging another hose into one of the ports. These ports act as your purge valve and need to be unplugged if you want to blow out the stale smoke, but Fumo does make an all glass purge valve as well. That, like the additional hoses, is sold seperately and isn’t cheap. Everyone seems to agree that this tiny, beautiful hookah will smoke almost just as well as a full sized KM, but paying twice as much for something almost as good as a KM doesn’t make much sense to me.

To be frank (when am I not?), it might be a nice conversation piece and it sure is going to earn you some bragging rights, but it’s kind of a waste of money when it comes down to brass tacks. I would much rather have solid brass Elmas and spend the rest on tobacco than drop 300 dollars on something I”m pretty sure I’ll just end up breaking with my stupid fingers.

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