The quest to bring you a little closer to the vendors that make our favorite hobby possible continues today and we have asked Jaron K of Smoking-Hookah to answer our usual round of introductory questions. Jaron is an interesting man with a deep love of hookah that is evident in his business and the way he treats his customers. The man knows what he likes, wants to share it with everyone and has given us a little insight into who he is.

What is your earliest hookah memory?
I traveled to the Sinai desert in Egypt with friends at age 17.
By the bonfire on the Red sea shore at night I was introduced to the hookah for the first time, with the sweet aroma of Nakhla double Apple.

What made you realize you wanted a career in hookah?
Once I smoked a hookah for the first time, and the molasses fragrance hit me, I knew it is time to spread the word to the west.

If you had to choose just one, what is your favorite product that you offer? Why?
We just got this model recently, and for me it represents the beginning of my journey.
A massive and heavy Egyptian hookah, cast from metal with a strong presence, yet with the imperfect authentic Egyptian finish.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite hookah product on the market today?
I have come across a few glass hookahs which I found to be absolutely amazing. I believe this market will be incredibly developed during the next couple of years.

What would you like to see change in the hookah industry?
I believe the industry is developing in the right direction fast.
It used to be a very traditional market, where most of the products manufactured in the Eastern part of the world, but today we see more and more American brands, which are leading the market and making it very modernized.
This Western focus is what actually dictates the endless development of all products.

Three flavors to smoke for the rest of your life; what are they?
I only smoke Double Apple

What do you being to the market as a vendor that makes you unique?
We have always been doing our best to import all the models ourselves, so our customers can always find a wide selection unlike other sites or local stores.
Furthermore, I believe we always have unbeatable prices, since we are usually first hand.
Our prices, including shipping fees, are usually the lowest prices in the market.
Do you have any other projects or new products on the horizon? Anything in development?
We are currently at the end of a developing process for a new model of electronic hookah, and I hope to start a trial period in the next couple of weeks.

I have to give respect to a man who knows what he likes and smokes only that one flavor. I wish I had that kind of love for one particular tobacco. I could stop the constant hunt for new flavors and be happy knowing that each session would be the best for me. I’m also interested to see this new electronic hookah and I’ll be snatching one up to give you the low down ASAP. Make sure to keep checking back right here for all the newest product we can hunt down for you.

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