al-amir-pomegranateBrand and Flavor: Al Amir Pomegranate

Shisha Tobacco Cut:  Really REALLY wet.  Finely ground and dripping.

Hookah Type: KM double trimetal.  Nammor hose

Duration: 45 minutes

Bowl: Vortex bowl

Foil / Screen: Regular foil

Coal / Amount:  3 CH QL coals

Smoke:  As with Al Amir blends I have smoked so far the smoke took a long time to pick up.  Once it did this flavor had nice and thick smoke that was good for rings.

Buzz:  An ok buzz.  Light.

Smell / Flavor:  Smells like grenadine that has been watered down.  This makes sense considering that grenadine is pomegranate flavored and heavily sweetened.  It tastes like a sweet pomegranate but candy rather than natural.

Rating (1 to 10): 7.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  I could tell it was supposed to be pomegranate and it tasted nice while not being fake or chemical.  If you like pomegrante this is a good choice in hookah tobacco.  Personally I am a big fan of pomegranate.  This flavor has some room for improvement but it’s one of the better pomegranate flavors I have had up to this point.  Go for it if this sounds interesting.  It’s at least worth a try.

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