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Al Fakher Golden Grape Shisha Review

This new review is for Al Fakher Golden Grape.  This is from the fairly small line of Golden flavors from Al Fakher which include a strawberry, eskandarani apple, rose and grape.  This grape flavor is nice and sweet.  It’s a red style grape flavor rather than the green that the normal line is supposed to be.  That means that the flavor is a bit sweeter, somewhat more complex and a little more robust.  I am not entirely sure that this was captured with this blend but it’s still nice.

I was enjoying the blend most recently out of my Khalil Mamoon double trimetal and a standard Egyptian bowl.  Sadly at the end of this session I saw water leaking out of my base and found that it had a hair line fracture running along the bottom.  So once again the Km is going to be out of the game for a bit…  just got that base too.

Well, back to the task at hand.  All in all I would say that this is a good flavor that sits somehwere between a realistic grape concentrate and a grape candy.  It’s slightly artificial but mostly tastes like a sour grape jelly.  I am a fan.  This flavor can get cloying after a while and it can get a little harsh if not tended properly.  I aired this one out for a while after smoking it the first time and that reduced the harshness problem but it can still occur if treated improperly.

8 out of 10 for me on this one.  A little fickle but a nice and strong flavor with good clouds and good mixing potential.


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