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Al Fakher Honey Flavored Hookah Tobacco

It’s sweet sticky and one of my favorite foods, but honey is not one of my favorite hookah tobacco flavors. Most tend to just be overly syrupy with strong notes of artificial flowers. Yuck. Al Fakher Honey has been on my list of flavors to try for years now, but I never really worked up the courage until recently. I needed to see if it could break the trend.

The package that I got was very fresh as was made evident by the extremely wet tobacco found inside. Al Fakher is kind of known for over processing their tobacco to the point that it can’t be recognized as leaves and they have not strayed from that path in these most recent blends. The color is from a crime scene at the Willy Wonka factory and the texture is almost jellied. I can’t say I wasn’t a bit worried.

Al Fakher Honey Shisha Review

Al Fakher Honey Shisha ReviewThe smell coming off this crimson mush is very sweet and I thought that I was going to hate this experience, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor met me halfway as it was still sweeter than I would like while not being over the top or syrupy. Light to medium floral notes do a good job of replicating the taste of a strong wildflower honey and it’s pretty damn tasty. This is easily one of the only honey flavored tobaccos that I wold recommend. It has the backbone to stand up to stronger flavors without being so horridly sweet and pungent that it can’t be enjoyed alone.

This is going in my custom baklava recipe.


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