It comes more naturally to some but all smokers will eventually try to blow a smoke ring. I don’t claim to be the lord of the rings but in this guide I’m going to try and give you a little help in your quest to achieve the ultimate Os. I hope you become a master of this simple trick and show us your skills. Feel free to leave a comment below and link us to a video so we share in the achievement! It’s the little things. Don’t rain on my parade.

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The basic concept is pretty simple. Take a draw from the hookah and exhale just enough that smoke completely fills your mouth right up to your lips. Form your lips into the shape of an O and breath out every so slightly with a little cough. It’s tough to describe an for the purposes of demonstration I have included a video showing what I mean.

You should be able to hear the clicking of my throat and see that I need to shave. That clicking is me popping my throat in that “coughing” motion I was telling you about. It’s very hard to describe in words but you’ll know it once you get it down.

If that’s not working for you there is always the paper towel tube method. It’s kind of a cheat and it’s not going to win you any trick contests but it sure is easy and it’s a great way to have fun at parties. It may be called the paper towel tube method but it can be done with any hollow tube that has flat, round openings and is safe for you to put on your mouth. It starts the same as the normal method but instead of just filling your mouth with smoke you want to hold the tube tight to your lips and fill it as well. Now it’s time to turn your head and cough. Again, just like last time, short and sharp puffs of air are the key. If you breath out too much you wind up with just a blob of smoke and if it’s not a sharp puff the ring won’t have much momentum or shape.

There are a couple products on the market that are supposed to be specialized for blowing rings with this method but they are just a waste of money. A paper towel tube is cheap, disposable and usually readily available. You don’t even have to take the towels of the tube for it to work and I’ve used everything from soda bottle with the ends cut off to a rolled up piece of paper. If you have extra money to burn I can think of much better ways to spend it and usually suggest them on a weekly basis.

No matter what method you are using the size of the ring will be determined by the size of the opening the smoke passes through. Try out different mouth shapes for tiny cheerio rings all the way up to carnival grade ring toss Os. Experiment with different items for the paper towel tube method and report back. As a bit of inspiration, here is a video of a giant smoke ring cannon.

Dream Big.

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