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Shisha Fruits Lemon Flavor Review

Paul: Hi. It is Paul and Cari here once again for with another review for you and this one is for another one of the Shisha Fruits.

This is just the lemon. It’s just straight lemon. Like all of the other shisha fruits, it is based on dried actual fruit imbued with glycerin and flavorings, no molasses, no tobacco, no honey, no nicotine,  nothing like that.

As you saw in the beginning, it’s whole slices of lemon, which if I had any commentary on this product so far, it’s that I found that very inconvenient for packing bowls. I had to chop it up to actually get it into my Crown Classic mini, but I think the flavor is what I’m now expecting from shisha fruits, halfway between candy and super realistic.

Cari:  A lot of the other shisha fruits are already diced or mashed. This is one of the only ones that there’s literally just full slices of lemon, which is weird but interesting in terms of visually interesting.

Paul: I’d say that’s probably part of why it’s left as slices because it looks cool. It’s totally fruit instead of just being mush.

Cari:  I totally agree that it’s this combination of that sort of candy flavor and real lemon.

The candy flavor that I get is very much like a lemon gummy bear where it’s not like a lemon hard candy that’s either overly sweet or just citric acid, but it’s this fruity sweet flavor and then you also have the bitterness from the rind, which is great. I really like it.

It’s very light. It’s not a super strong flavor, as it seems the three shisha fruits that we’ve smoked thus far have all been fairly light flavors. It’s not ‘punch you in the face.’

Paul: It’s not to say weak. It’s just that they’re not overbearing. This doesn’t taste like Nakhla Lemon, Nakhla Lemon being a very pungent oily thick rich lemon flavor that is just going to absolutely coat your tongue and your sinuses and it stays in your mouth for a half an hour.

This is nice. It’s light and it’s enjoyable and refreshing. As Cari said, it is very much that lemon candy combined with actual lemon oil that’s really nice. I’m really liking it. This one definitely to me gets a thumbs up. It is definitely a positive review. No questions about that.

This one has also made me even more hopeful for my plans to mix this with tobacco. As with the other ones that we smoked so far, there isn’t much mouth feel. There’s a little bit more I think because of the actual oiliness of it because of the actual rind because there’s skin in there. This isn’t just flesh of the lemon.

There’s a little bit of a mouth feel but I really like a good somewhat heavy mouth feel and this is definitely light. This would probably be an awesome summer smoke.

DeCloud Shisha Fruits Lemon

This is a positive review for 100% Shisha Fruits Lemon. Really good stuff, I’m really enjoying this. Once again, thanks to the DeKang Company for sending out these samples. We’re really happy to try them out. Looking forward to try out the rest of the flavors.

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If you’ve tasted any of these, let us know what you think. If you completely disagree with our opinions, fine. I want to know about it. If you do agree, awesome. Let me know and I’ll see you guys in the comments.

This is Paul and Cari for saying thank you very much and happy smoking.


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