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Desi Murli Chai Latte Shisha Review

I have discussed Desi Murli in the past and I have made it clear that I love this stuff. I ran out of my vanilla DM not too long ago and figured it was time to make a new order. In this most recent order, I got 3 different flavors and the one we are going to look at today is Desi Murli Chai Latte.

I want to make something very clear. Any flavored DM is still based on the spiced, Indian tobacco that is used in DM Plain. You will always have those spices in any DM blend and that works for some flavors. Some flavors don’t work so well.  Chai Latte is an interesting case. Because the flavors in true chai are similar to those found in DM plain, so the added flavor is not very noticeable. The smell in the bag is quite spicy with a distinct earthiness and somewhat of a creamy note. Compared to other DM tobaccos, this one smells lighter on the spice.

The clouds are medium in size and density, but the smoke has a great texture. Far from wispy and thin, but this is not a tobacco for the cloud hunters.

If you do not like the smell of an Indian spice market and you hate the smell of incense, do not smoke this tobacco. The spice and floral notes are up front with support from earthy tobacco. There is a mild creaminess to the flavor that I assume is the latte part of the Chai Latte name. Do not go into this one expecting it to taste like Social Smoke Chai Latte. The almost dusty quality of chai comes through a bit in this tobacco and there is slightly more cinnamon and other baking spices present than in other DM flavors, but I wouldn’t call it a true chai flavor.

7 out of 1o This tobacco is great for those of us who like DM. It is called chai latte and I wish it had a more distinct chai flavor. Judged simply on the quality of the smoke and flavor rather than accuracy to the name, I really like this tobacco and I think the traditional tobacco smokers out there should check it out.


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