fantasia-joack-cokeFantasia has discontinued the Jack and Cola flavor. Fantasia  took a swing at the college classic Jack and Coke and made this mixed drink flavor.

I would say that this is a bit of a deviation for them as Jack and Coke is less of a sweet candy drink and is a bit more… savory I guess might be the right word.  The smell in the package is similar to an actual Jack and Coke.  It smells like a generic cola with a slight note that is similar to the cola flavored bottle caps candy.  In an odd way this is what a Jack and Coke can end up smelling like.

The clouds are what I expect from Fantasia.  I know I use that descriptor a lot but we all know how modern brands like Fantasia smoke.  They make big clouds with smooth smoke.

The flavor is similar to the smell but a little lighter.  I think that the spice character that often comes through with cola flavors is a little lacking.  I don’t taste enough of a “Jack” flavor to really call this a perfect Jack and Coke hookah tobacco.  It’s tasty.  There is no doubt about that.  I would just like more of an oak note but I know that would not appeal to many people.  The average Jack and Coke drinker mixes heavily toward the coke end of things.  I actually like the flavor of whiskey so I know my tastes aren’t exactly what they are catering to.

7 out of 10.  I like it.  I think it’s a decent cola flavor and it has a little something extra that makes it different than the rest of them out there.  I wish the flavor was stronger and I wish it was more accurate to it’s name.  If you like the drink known as a Jack and Coke then I think you should buy at least a sample of Fantasia Jack and Coke flavored hookah tobacco.

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