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Fantasia White Grape Shisha Review

fantasia-white-grapeI know that it’s not a picture of White Grape by Fantasia.  Give me a break.  I’m too poor to have a really nice camera 😛

My failings aside, I have been smoking White Grape recently and I finally feel that I can offer a proper review.  This is one of the many offerings from Fantasia, a company that focuses on candy, dessert and mixed drink flavors, so I knew what I should expect.  Something sweet with an artificial flavor and huge clouds.  That’s about what I got.

The smell on this one is great.  It smells like very strong grape jelly mixed with grape soda.  It does not resemble actual grape much but it smells very good.  A friend of mine that loves grape flavors was very excited tot ry this one.

The clouds are Fantasia clouds, meaning that they are large and it does not take a huge amount of heat to get them there.

The flavor was a big let down.  It was too light.  When I first smoked this tobacco I used a small amount of coal and got good clouds but no flavor at all.  After that I tried it with two thirds of an Exotica stick and the clouds were much bigger and the flavor was a bit better but still way too light.  It had fruity notes and was definitely some kind of fruit flavor but it was not extremely obvious that it was grape.  Its flavor was pleasant but it’s a disappointment after the smell.

5 out of 10.  It’s not bad but there are better grapes out there.  I am going to keep trying to get the heat perfect on this one but as of right now this flavor falls short.


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