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Haze Frozen Lakes Shisha Review

Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another shisha tobacco review for you. This one is for Haze Tobacco Frozen Lakes. You’ll notice that I didn’t even give you a packing video at the beginning of this one because I’ve tried this one a few times now and I don’t like it. I find that the smell in the package is sickeningly sweet and unpleasant. The flavor itself is much lighter than the smell in the container, but the flavor that you get, well, Carrie said it best, where it smells and kind of tastes like aerosolized Robitussin. It’s supposed to be a raspberry, watermelon flavor with a menthol or mint kick and it just tastes very medicinal, it is not very good. It’s not even what I’m smoking now because I really dislike this tobacco and I don’t think that it’s worth picking up.

So I’m sorry. I mean, if you’re a fan of this tobacco, please go down below, let me know that I’m completely wrong. But if you’ve tried this one and you agree with me, also let us know in the comments, make sure to go to the forums, make sure to check out our shisha rating system. I’m gonna be giving this one a review and it’s definitely negative. No, thanks. Sorry, Haze, this one I would call a failure.

So that’s it. This is Paul for saying thank you very much for joining us. Please go down below, like and subscribe, give us that thumbs up, and I’ll see you guys next time. Happy smoking.


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