Hookah-Hookah Grapefruit is a relatively new offering from the line and it has left me with a fairly good impression.

Citrus in general is one of the most common categories of hookah tobacco flavors.  I believe that this is because they are flavors that often translate well into smoke.  We get everything from mandarin to orange and lemon to grapefruit and all flavors in between.  I am still waiting for blood orange.

The clouds that this blend produces are what I have come to expect from Hookah-Hookah so there are no complaints there.  The prices is pretty good for what it is.  Because the tobacco is relatively dry you get a good volume per gram.  It’s not the longest lasting tobacco, smoking for about 45 minutes, but that is nothing new from Hookah-Hookah either.  If it were more wet it would be more costly but also smoke for longer so it’s kind of give and take.

Well Hookah-Hookah grapefruit is a nice addition to the hookah world.  It’s tasty and sweet but a little bitter.  It’s a lot like the real fruit.  It’s fairly realistic but it tastes more like the skin of the fruit than the flesh.  It’s like drinking water from a glass that has had pieces of candied grapefruit peel soaking in it.  The flavor could be stronger but not much.  It’s pretty strong already and it might actually end up being a bit too much if it were stronger.  I have had more than a few flavors where the intensity of the flavor can cause it to be cloying after too long smoking it.  This blend does not fall prey to this problem.

If I had to choose I would say that this is a normal grapefruit and not a ruby red.  If you are expecting the sweet and juicy flavor of slices of ruby red or sweetened ruby red grapefruit juice you are going to be less than happy.  If you want a blend that tastes like slightly sweetened grapefruit oil or essence then this is the blend for you.

8 out of 10 for this one.  Pick it up if it sounds interesting to you.  So far it’s the best grapefruit I have had.

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