I have been a fan on Hookah-Hookah for a while.  It’s good stuff but it has some problems as all brands of hookah tobacco do.  The major problem with Hookah-Hookah is light flavor.  Not every flavor suffers from this.  Some are damn strong.  A lot of their blends have an accurate flavor but it’s very hard to find that balance of accuracy and strength.  Hazelnut is kind of in the middle.  Hazelnut is a light flavor on it’s own but I would say that this is a medium strength flavor.  I smoked this one out of a vortex bowl with a single layer of foil and have tried it out of both my Trimetal and my Nour Syrian.  The results are pleasant and enjoyable.  It has a distinct hazelnut flavor that is fairly accurate and decently strong.  It’s smooth and sweet with a distinct hazelnut flavor.

I like this flavor and think that it is another great offering from Hookah-Hookah.  It’s perfectly nice to smoke along but I have found great use for it as a mixer.  The only issue there is that because it’s not the strongest flavor it can get overwhelmed easily.

I give Hookah-Hookah hazelnut a 7 out of 10.

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