hookah-hookah-irish-coffeeHookah-Hookah is a brand like any other that has high points and low points.  The Irish Cream flavor from Hookah-Hookah is a high point.

The clouds on this one are medium to large.  For a  Hookah-Hookah tobacco this one is fairly wet.  many of their blends are somewhat dry and some people take issue with this.  I think the dryer tobaccos are fine they just take a little more care to manage heat properly.

Irish Cream is a coffee flavor that is made to be somewhat like Bailey’s cream liqueur.  This tobacco is not quite that sweet but is still a tasty coffee flavor and one of the better coffee flavor I have had at that.  It has a flavor similar to a cup of coffee with a lot of milk in it.  It’s smooth and a little bitter but not too much.  Personally I like my coffee to be about as dark as my shirt, which is black by the way, so I prefer the same thing with my coffee flavored tobacco.  I wish it had a little more of the flavor of roasted coffee beans that I love so much.  That is not what this tobacco was trying to replicate so I am not going to dock points there.  They are going after the flavor of Bailey’s and the like and they came pretty close.

7 out of 10.  It’s a tasty flavor and it’s fairly accurate.  The flavor could be a little stronger as this one does not stand up well to mixing with other flavors.

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