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Hookah-Hookah Passion Fruit Shisha Review

hookah-passion-fruitRecently I went back and tried out passion fruit flavored Hookah-Hookah and it was nice.  When I first tried this flavor I kind of passed over it because I was infatuated with another tobacco at the time.  This meant it was worth a second evaluation.  I am pretty pleased with this tobacco.  It performed the same way that Hookah-Hookah always treats me.  Smoked out of a tall hookah and a funnel bowl with normal foil it gives me nice clouds that are not only voluminous but also dense.

The flavor was both a high point and a low point.  It was accurate and flavorful but the flavor died out a little too soon.  The passion fruit flavor was nice.  It was flavorful and accurate.  I have only had passion fruit a couple times and I enjoyed it every time.  Because this was an accurate flavor that meant that I was a fan.

I give this one a 7 out of 10.   The flavor is not pleasant enough to warrant a 9 and the short duration knocks it down to a 7.  If you like passion fruit then pick this up and enjoy.


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