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How to Add Extra Flavoring to Shisha Tobacco

Extra Flavoring to ShishaIt’s unfortunate, but not every tobacco you smoke is going to be a flavor bomb. You wait and wait, but the flavor never picks up and the whole experience just ends up leaving you bored. After sessions like these I usually want to dump the entire batch and move on, but there are less wasteful options. The most effective of these options is the use of high quality flavorings like those made by Lorann.

I can not stress enough how important it is that you use only the highest quality flavorings. Cheap flavorings can have questionable ingredients, but also often taste of solvents thank to their more artificial composition. More natural is always best, so the fewer ingredients used in the making of the flavoring the better. If you’re willing to spring for 100% natural extracts then go for it, but they are very expensive.

They are often called flavoring oils, but you don’t want anything that actually includes oil because that won’t blend well with the tobacco or the liquid that is already a part of the blend. On top of that, oil can mess up the flavor, mouth feel and smoothness of the smoke. Lorann flavorings are very simple in their composition and the creators strive to produce very natural flavors. Each of their flavorings uses either a base of neutral grain alcohol or glycerin. We all know glycerin thanks to its inclusion in most modern hookah tobaccos and I suggest using the glycerin based flavorings because they will blend into the hookah tobacco more easily.

You can either choose to enhance the existing flavor or choose a new one to make an entirely new blend. You can even blend multiple flavorings into something really unique. Once you’ve chosen your high quality flavorings, it’s a simple matter of mixing a little bit of the flavoring into the tobacco and allowing it to sit for a few days. This time allows the flavors to meld and mellow together. Start with just a couple drops per 50g of tobacco and move up slowly if you feel you need more. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away and too much flavoring will ruin the whole batch.

If you get the super-strong flavorings you’ll need even less. Depending on the flavor, it could be just a few drops for a whole 250g batch of tobacco. It comes down to personal tastes, so start small and play around. You may just create the best tobacco you’ve ever smoked.



  1. alex in beijing

    hey paul aka kalutika im making my own flavoring extracts vith randomn ingredients such as guava kiwi and other excentric fruits by putting them in a closed jar filled with vodka. im wondering if u tried doing that and if u recommend it. ps: im pretty sure everything i use in the extracts is natural since i grow my own kiwis etc…

    • Kalutika

      I have not made my own extracts but the concentration of flavors in a vodka extraction likely won’t be strong enough to really work in shisha tobacco. You can also do extractions directly into glycerin as my electronic cigarette juice makers do for coffee and vanilla but I’m not sure how well that will work with such juicy fruits.

      • alex in beijing

        ive been told vodka is what works best to extract the flavor…what about white rhum i use that also… anyways ill give u feedback on the result…

        • Kalutika

          The higher the proof the better the solvent. Vodka is good for extracting flavors but adding vodka to hookah tobacco can be a mess.

  2. Daniel

    What brand of flavoring oils would you recommend?

    • Nima H.

      I don’t know the answer tot that yet. We’ll publish a video and an update to the article sometime in the month. I’ll make sure to address that too.

      • toto

        hey have you found out what brand oils is good? What would you advice? Did you publish the video and the article?

  3. freddy

    what Lorann Oils do you recommend? the ones used in cooking or the ones used for aroma therapy and spas ?

  4. gazz

    is there any collection of flavor receipes somewhere, some solid list?


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