A modern style tobacco free line of smoking mixtures, so in a sense this can’t really be called hookah tobacco anymore. Designed to compete with the top tier tobaccos and to try an dispel the idea that all tobacco free hookah blends are bad.


Hydro Herbal is a tobacco free and nicotine free blend made with sugar cane fibers and flavored molasses and glycerin. Their flavors are given inventive names rather than straight forward names so it can be a bit confusing at first. Les Deux is their name for double apple and every flavor has a name like that.


50g packs come in resealable bags packaged in cardboard boxes. Larger sizes come in resealable bags in metal tins.

Smoke Duration & Thickness

The life of the smoke is usually around an hour and is fairly thick. Many have said that the mouth feel of the smoke is thinner as compared to an actual tobacco product.


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