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layalina-magosteenI am going to start this by saying that I need to get my hands on a mangosteen.  If it tastes anything like this tobacco I am going to start questioning the sanity of those that consume them.

I had heard rumors about mangosteen in the past.  I have seen it bashed quite a bit and this interested me.  I like to make my own decisions and form my own opinions.  Well, I got my hands on some Layalina Mangosteen and tried it out with a friend.  My buddy Leo figured out the flavor and nailed it with a description.  He said it tastes like old comics smell.  If you have ever opened up an old archive box of comics or unglossed paper magazines you know what I am talking about.  It’s musty and tastes a little like stamp glue…  It tastes like it is far too old.  Maybe the batch  got had something wrong with it but I don’t think so.  I have never actually met with a truly spoiled tobacco and I just think this one was a missed flavor. I need to get my hands on a mangosteen and compare.

1 out of 10.  This is a rare rating from me.  It was really unpleasant.  Just avoid this one unless you are an explorer of every flavor you can get your hands on like myself.

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