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Nakhla Cherry Shisha Review

nakhla-cheryNakhla is one of the more traditional brands that hookah smokers find themselves exposed to today.  It’s a great brand with a long history and it’s flavors are more natural and less candied than a lot of the stuff out there.

The smell on this one in the 50g box I had was distinctly of cough syrup but not so medicinal.  I was really worried about the flavor as I have had bad experiences with cherry flavors in the past.

The smoke is not as gigantic as something like Fantasia but if smoked properly and with good heat management they should be perfectly fine and satisfy most everyone.  The 250g packs are not as dry as the 50g boxes so it may be worth trying it twice if you liked the flavor but thought the sample was too dry.

The flavor is much better than the smell.  It’s more of a sweetened and dried cherry than it is medicinal.  There is still a little bit of a cough syrup flavor but it’s not as unpleasant as other cherry blends I have had.  The flavor is not a perfect natural cherry but it’s pretty good.  It’s similar to the smell of a really light cherry pipe tobacco where the flavor of the tobacco leaf is more subdued.

6.5 out of 10.  I like this flavor and I really enjoy mixing it with black molasses to make a flavor similar to cherry pipe tobacco but it’s not perfect.  I think that the flavor could be more realistic and that the cough syrup notes should be eliminated if possible.


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