Nakhla is one of, if not the most popular brand of hookah tobacco on the market.  It’s a brand known for its strong flavors, strong buzz and fairly classic composition.  One blend that gets a good amount o attention among certain smokers is Nakhla Mandarin.

The smell on this tobacco is damn good.  It’s similar to orange or mandarin oil and is quite strong.

The clouds are what I expect from Nakhla.  They are good but not monstrous with a nice texture.

The flavor is good and something I am a real fan of.  There is a distinct flavor of mandarin zest and a few notes of natural tobacco.  It’s not as strong as the scent implies but it’s a nice medium strength flavor.  This is not the sweet citrus flavor that many think about when they as for an orange or other citrus flavored tobacco.  It’s more natural and slightly bitter.  The flavor lingers on the palette nicely without being cloying.

8 out of 10.  I think that Nakhla Mandarin is one of the most accurate flavors on the market and thus it gets high regards from me.  I would like it to be a tad stronger and a little sweeter so that it was more akin to the flavor of mandarin flesh but I still think this one is worth a try.

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13 years ago

good post,but i like alfkher

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