Hello, Hookah.org. It’s Paul here once again with another review for you and this one is for Nakhla Fakhfakhina Mango. I’m a big fan of mango flavors but this one is just not doing it for me. It really doesn’t taste like mango, it’s kind of soapy. I find the flavor very heat-sensitive; if your heat’s too low, you’re not getting much flavor at all that resembles mango in any way and if it’s too high it just becomes kind of fake, soapy and burns pretty easily.

Yeah, honestly, I don’t give it very often but this gets a thumb down. I am not liking this, I’m probably never going to order this again and even if you like mango flavors, this one’s just not really gonna do it for you. Or at least, I mean, I’ve never found anyone who really enjoys this, but if you think I’m wrong, please go down below and tell us in the comments, go to the website, check out our updated shisha tobacco rating system and you can disagree with me there and put in your review. I’d love to see it, I’d love to hear your opinions, but this one’s a flop for me.

So that’s it. This is Paul for Hookah.org saying thanks very much for joining us and make sure to like and subscribe, give us that thumbs up and let us know what you think. I’ll see you guys next time. Happy smoking.

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Chill out Attic
Chill out Attic
9 years ago

I tried it myself, Nakhla is the most popular shisha brand for some reason in my country. All I can say it tastes awful. Nakhla has better flavors, I would say Mangos is the worst from their brand.

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