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Nakhla Mix Brandy Shisha Review

Nakhla MixBrandy is not my usual drink of choice, but I have been known to take up the snifter from time to time. A touch of brandy helps warm the winter nights… here in southern California. The little bit of brandy I enjoy does give me enough of a grasp on the flavor of brandy to judge a brandy flavored tobacco.

Nakhla decided to try their hand at a brandy flavored tobacco in this addition to the Mix line of tobacco. I don’t think they did a terrible job. It has some woody flavors that might come across as oak, but the prominent flavor tastes somewhat of sweet oranges. By no means would I call this a citrus tobacco or even a brandy flavor. If anything, it tastes more like Grand Marnier or Cointreau and it’s a pretty good facsimile of those two liqueurs.

If you’re looking for a tobacco that tastes like brandy served straight in a glass, this isn’t the tobacco for you. However, if you’re interested in mixing up your own margarita flavored blend, grab this one along with a lime flavor and have at it. You’ll probably end up with a flavor that tastes more like a margarita than most premixed versions.


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