There is something special about the first time that you are really let down by one of you favorite brands. Shisha on the Beach was my first try at the Mix line from Nakhla and I have found myself disappointed by one of my favorite brands. Nakhla Mix Shisha on the Beach is a big bowl of meh.

Let’s go into a little more detail here. This is supposedly a Sex on the Beach flavor that is based on the drink by the same name. The drink uses orange juice and cranberry juice, these two being the prominent flavors I would expect from this tobacco. I went in blind, having no idea what the ingredients in a Sex on the Beach were.

Nakhla is usually known for their powerful and accurate flavors. This flavor just fell flat. There is nothing distinctly orange or cranberry. It reminded me of a very light version of the Mandarin flavor from Nakhla, but it was hard to pick out and fairly dull. It lacked the pungent punch of the Nakhla Mandarin, which I love. I could see someone liking this if they think Mandarin is too strong. But, for me, I will take Mandarin any day.

5 out of 10. This tobacco was thrown into an order courtesy of Neiman at and I am very thankful for the unsolicited 50g sample, but I won’t be ordering this one again. There is no cranberry the orange is weak and there are better options. It’s not offensive and I could see some people who don’t like really strong flavors enjoying this, but it is not going to wow you in any way.

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