946e3d27-7450-472c-a56c-4e3c0d76dbf2Delicious and nutritious… wait. That’s not right. Well at least it’s delicious. Watermelon tobacco will never be an accurate and natural flavor without being abysmally weak. If you keep this in mind when smoking them then you will be much happier with your selection. Nakhla Mizo Watermelon is no different and it’s probably my favorite watermelon flavor that is still on the market.

The scent is candied and smells slightly of watermelon bubblegum. This Nakhla flavor has a bit of a dusty note that I would equate to the corn starch used to keep candy from sticking to everything it touches. Speaking of which, the scent of this one will stick to your hands for a while, so I suggest using a fork when packing it to avoid smelling like a candy shop for the rest of the day. Every kid wishes they could live like Willy Wonka, but the reality of smelling like candy all the time is a little less than appealing.

The flavor is pretty much like the scent, but sweeter and juicier. I find it reminiscent of a watermelon hard candy rather than bubblegum because the dusty note isn’t really there. Do you like watermelon Jolly Ranchers? This is the flavor for you. Do you like realistic watermelon? You’re about to be disappointed, but at least I warned you. SONY DSCMizo Watermelon is very wet and produces nice clouds thanks to a good helping of glycerin that’s normal for the Mizo line. Check out the image of the tobacco to the right and you’ll easily see what I’m talking about. The smoke is smooth and puffy, so the cloud seekers will be more than happy, but without the oily texture that can come from too much glycerin.

I keep this tobacco on hand because it’s a great starter tobacco for new smokers and a tasty treat for the old salts. It’s a fabulous mixer and one of my favorite combinations is Mizo Watermelon with a bit of mint. Deliciously refreshing and sweet on a summer day .

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