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Nakhla Sweet Melon Shisha Review

nakhla-melonBrand and Flavor: Nakhla Sweet Melon

Shisha Tobacco Cut:  A choppy and course mix.  Somewhat finer than I am used to with Nakhla.

Hookah Type: KM double trimetal. Nammor hose

Duration: 45 minutes or so.

Bowl: Small tangiers funnel

Foil / Screen: Regular foil

Coal / Amount: 2 CH QL coals

Smoke:  Medium smoke with a thick mouth feel.

Buzz:  Medium to full.

Smell / Flavor: Smells like cantaloupe.  Taste like cantaloupe.  It’s a very accurate melon flavor.  Something about it sits funny with me though.

Rating (1 to 10): 7   I know that a lot of people disagree with this rating but hear me out.  Nakhla sweet melon is one of the most highly praised shisha tobaccos you will find.  Personally I feel that the flavor, while accurate, is a bit cloying.  I can’t smoke this for too long or I get very sick of it.  I love mixing this up with other blends and seeing what I can do but alone it is a little flat.  On top of that it has an odd feeling in the lungs for me.  I usually smoke very heavy tobaccos but this one sits differently.  I’m really not sure how to describe it.  If you want a solid cantaloupe flavor that I have yet to see surpassed for accuracy then go with Nakhla sweet melon.  I can’t smoke it regularly but when I do I enjoy it.


  1. Joe

    I, too, have that sick feeling after smoking this flavor. I actually stopped smoking recently because of this sick feeling. Apparently I associate all hookah smoke with this “bad feeling” from smoking the Nakhla melon flavor, making me sick while smoking other flavors as well! Makes you wonder, no?

  2. kalutika

    I really don’t know what it is. I think it’s the step above cloying. It may just be too sweet and flavorful. I know that seems counter intuitive.


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