Paul: Hello folks. Paul and Cari here once again with another video review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Green Apple.

As you can see, the clouds are very good, which is to be expected from Shisha Fruits, considering that it’s just fruit and glycerin basically and flavoring.

The flavor on this I’m really enjoying. I think this is probably one of the most accurate apple flavors I’ve ever had, which is to be expected considering that the basis for this product is solid chunks of apple soaked in flavoring. I’m enjoying it.

Cari:  It’s really good. It’s nice and soft. That’s not to say that the flavor is light because I wouldn’t say that it’s light.

Paul: When we first started this, it was a little light, but the bowl’s been heating up and it’s getting there.

Cari:  But it’s nice, soft Apple flavor, and then on the back end, it does have a little bit of green apple jolly rancher candishness to it, but it’s not particularly strong and it’s not the most overbearing flavor.

Paul: The flavor in the foreground is definitely real apple, which is really nice. I love green apple flavors. You don’t find them very often. The only other one that I’ve enjoyed consistently was [00:02:07] Apple by Al Fakher, which is really good.

This is taking a seat right next to it. I’m really enjoying it. It’s not as complex. I wouldn’t call this a complex flavor at all. This is very straightforward, just green apple.

Cari:  You can probably mix this with some Hookah Hookah Seven Spice or something and make a really accurate apple pie flavor as long as you didn’t put too much of the spice and overpowered the apple.

Paul: There’s also a red apple by Shisha Fruits, which we will also be trying.

Cari:  It’s really good. I like it. It’s a nice moderate decent smoke. It tastes like apple, which if that’s what you’re going for, that’s probably the best review you can give.

Paul: Thanks for joining us guys. This is definitely a positive review for Shisha Fruits Green Apple. Please go down below, like and subscribe. Give us that thumbs up.

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We’ve got a lot of new updates coming for you in the next few months, which I hope you guys enjoy. I know I’m going to enjoy making them for you.

We’ll see you guys next time and happy smoking.

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