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Shisha Fruits Mint Review

Paul: Hello It is Paul and Cari here on the fourth of July smoking Shisha Fruits Mint. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since we got the Shisha Fruits samples because I absolutely love mint flavors and this is pretty good so far.

It’s definitely minty. It has elements of natural herbal tea like mint, but I find the flavor a little light while I find the minty cooling effect to be very potent and I’m pretty happy with that. So far, I wish that the flavor were a little stronger.

Cari:  It is very much a mint flavor because that’s basically all it is. It is not particularly vegetal. Sometimes when you steep mint tea for too long it gets a very vegetal flavor to it and that cooling mint sensation goes away and this is more cooling than anything else.

Paul: Because it’s really sweet, it reminds me of a pastel mint. There’s not much actual mint flavor but there’s just a sweet coolness to it.

Cari:  The only thing for me is when I think of a pastel mint, I think of that chalky texture and because it’s smoke, you’re not going to get that. To me because of the texture of the smoke, the sweetness brings more of the mint ice cream and mint chocolate chip. It’s not overly sweet but that sweet minty cool cream texture of that smoke is very ice cream like.

Paul: And it’s definitely sweet enough that that sweetness lingers for quite a while on the tongue where a lot of others, you take it in, you breath it out, it’s nice and cool and it’s gone. My mouth still tastes like this smoke even though I’ve been speaking for this long. I’m totally interesting in trying to mix this with something that has chocolaty notes in it.

I’m liking it but I really do wish that tasted more like mint. I was looking forward to and hoping for a very natural mint and I got a mint candy out of this. It’s still good. I really enjoy this and I’m totally going to continue smoking this. It’s surprisingly unnatural for something that is made out of mint leaves, but the flavoring definitely dominates in that regard.

Shisha Fruits Mint

This is Paul and Cari giving a positive review to DeKang Shisha Fruits Mint. Really enjoying it and will continue to smoke this happily. Please go do below, like and subscribe. Give us that thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next time. Let us know what you like to see next time and we’ll totally be happy to make that happen for you.

Happy smoking. carries Shisha Fruits and is one of our sponsors so show them some love if shopping for Shisha Fruits flavors.


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