Paul: Hello again Paul and Cari here with another review for you. This one is another one of the Shisha Fruit, DeKang Shisha Fruits Peach.

As you can see, the clouds are very good. They’re voluminous and thick. This one actually has a little bit of mouth feel to it. I think that might be an element of how sweet it is. I find this one to be very sweet.

A word of warning. While I found all of the DeKang Shisha Fruits to be pretty heat sensitive and easy to burn, I’ve been having more trouble managing this one. If you saw in the first part of this video, it seems pretty dry in comparison to a lot of the other ones. I don’t know if that’s a factor but I’ve been having a little bit of trouble. I’ve gotten it to even out and now it’s quite enjoyable.

It tastes like peach candy. I really don’t get much of any real peach out of this.

Cari:  It’s very light and it tastes like super light peach [00:01:55]. It’s almost perfumy, not in a really bad way, but in a very sort of light way.

Paul: I think I would almost characterize it as mildly soapy. Not terribly so, not to the point that it’s unpleasant, but maybe its from the glycerin. Maybe the glycerin is able to come through more in this because that’s something that would cause some of those flavors.

It does have a mild floral note to it. It is peach rings. That’s what this tastes like.

Cari:  I wouldn’t not smoke it.

Paul: It’s very enjoyable. Just for me there are other peach flavors that I prefer to this. I put this as the middle of the road. It’s still a positive review for me, but it’s not high marks stellar. It’s nice.

Cari:  I think it would be too light to mix with other things unless it was another peach thing.

Paul: This might go well in a fruit medley, like if you had some nectarine or some apricot and combine the three of those. That might be a really nice combination of flavors but I agree. This wouldn’t hold up well against a lot of other stuff.

That’s the review as discordant as that may have been. This is a 45 degree thumbs up. It’s still good. It’s just not my first go-to peach.

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