Paul: Hello folks. It is Paul and Cari here once again with a Shisha Fruits review for you. This one is for Red Apple and I got to say I’m enjoying it.

We had tried the Green Apple before and we’re impressed by the flavor of it, especially regarding accuracy. It was really good.

This is in line with that. So far, these are the most accurate apple flavors that I found on the market, which is really saying something because I’ve been searching for quite a while.

Obviously the clouds are good and it’s really nice stuff. I’m liking it.

Cari:  I like it a lot. It is much sweeter than the green apple, which you would expect because it’s red apple and they tend to be sweeter. It has a lot of the delicate flavor that red apples tends to have.

Paul: I would definitely describe this as a light medium when it comes to flavor intensity anyway, but you’re right. It’s not in your face. It doesn’t taste like an apple candy.

Cari:  It’s also very easy to smoke. Some of the other ones were a little bit harsher and I don’t know necessarily why, but this is exceedingly easy to smoke. I haven’t had any harshness with it at all thus far.

Paul: I think part of that might be that most of the products we’ve had so far have been astoundingly wet and that has lent itself to them being very heat sensitive.

This one seemed to be a bit drier, which is interesting. I don’t know if that’s because the flush of the apple absorbs more of the liquid or what, but this one seems to be a little bit more heat resistant, which is nice.

All in all, I would definitely give this a positive review. If you’re looking for an apple flavor and you really don’t want a double apple flavor, this is one of the best options out there.

Thanks very much for joining us and we’ll see you guys next time. Make sure to go down below. Give us that thumbs up. You know the drill.

See you guys next time. Happy smoking.

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