Hello once again. It is Paul here for hookah.org with a video review for you. This one is for another one of the Shisha Fruits flavors. This is Shisha Fruits Double Apple.

I don’t think it’s a particularly good double apple. Funny enough, it actually has too much apple flavor. I know that sounds odd but this tastes like apple and licorice, and not much licorice at all.

It’s almost all just spicy apple up front where real double apple tobaccos are almost all aniseed, which can taste somewhat like licorice, but the apple notes are all in the aftertaste. They’re on the back-end and it’s all apple up front.

As an apple flavor, this is okay. I still think that it’s a little weak and I still think that funny enough the licorice flavor now just detracts from the whole thing because it’s not aniseed. It’s not complex; it’s just black licorice.

I can’t really suggest this to the double apple fans out there. I find it to be a poor representation of the flavor and if you’re only looking for an apply flavor, it’s mediocre. It’s middle of the road.

I hate to say it but I really can’t give this one a thumbs up. I’m not a fan, which is really too bad because I’ve been such a big fan of the other Shisha Fruits flavors but double apple, it’s one of the classics, but it’s surprisingly hard to get right and this one doesn’t do it for me.

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I’ll see you guys next time. Thanks for joining us and happy smoking.

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