The morning has just begun and I’m on the hunt for a cup of coffee to clear away the fog. What goes nicely with a cup of liquid GO? Coffee tobacco.

Something Girlie Little Ameera is a light coffee flavor meant for those of us with a taste for coffee who don’t want something overly bitter. That’s not me.

something-girlie-little-ameeraThe smell in the package is something akin to a thick and syrupy coffee candy. It was actually be a bit off-putting because it is so sweet and I was a bit worried about the smoking experience. I have found this to often be the case with flavors like chocolate and coffee because they need to be absolutely saturated in flavoring for it to come through well in the smoke.

Speaking of smoke, the clouds are billowing and plentiful. Expect that from Something Girlie and I don’t see disappointment on the menu.

The flavor is much nice than the smell. It is by no means what I would call a Turkish Coffee flavor and it’s more in the realm of a mocha with strong notes of chocolate and no real spice to speak of. It’s quite sweet and very smooth with a mild creaminess that I would like to call latte-ish. I like my Turkish Coffee to be very bitter, moderately spiced with cardamom and only mildly sweet. That’s what I want in a tobacco that claims to replicate one of my favorite caffeinated drinks in the world. This is not what I got.

I don’t want to imply that this is a bad tobacco. It’s actually quite tasty and something I would happily serve to guests, but I think it should be sold as a mocha flavor. Toss some vanilla in the bowl with this tobacco and it’s a great option for the half-caff, two pump,mocha latte crowd.

Something Girlie Little Ameera


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