So much mint, from Something Girlie!

I was pleasantly surprised when I recently got my hands on some Be Otch from Something Girlie. I had no idea what to expect because the name really tells you nothing, but it found a seat in my top 5 mint flavors. What do I love about it?

The smell is very sweet, minty and slightly fruity. From that initial impression I expected this to be an overly sugary flavor with a candied mint flavor and I was all kinds of wrong. The actual flavor is very accurately mint and even includes a grassy or vegetal aspect that really reminds me of fresh mint leaves. According to the official information, this tobacco uses three different kind of mint in the flavor and they were intentionally steering away from a gum like flavor.

I love this mint tobacco. It’s clean, tasty and isn’t so sweet that it is cloying. The flavor has a very long finish and the menthol effect will linger with you well after you exhale the voluminous clouds this tobacco produces. My only real complaint is that it’s not the strongest mint flavor out there. I wasn’t expecting Nakhla Mint levels of wintery goodness, but I think this may get a little lost in mixes with other strong flavors. That aside, buy this tobacco if you like mint. You will love it.

Something Girlie Be Otch

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