Starbuzz is a brand known for making sweet flavors that are often far removed from their namesake.  That is unless it is a mixed drink or style of candy.  Then they are spot on.  This is not a bad thing for most as many modern hookah smokers are looking for something sweet, light and easy to smoke.  Starbuzz delivers.

Arabic Coffee from Starbuzz is a little different from what many are used to from this company.  Coffee flavors are very hit or miss and I would consider this one a hit.  It has a distinct sweetness that I associate with Starbuzz but also a nice flavor of roasted coffee.  When I think Arabic coffee I think of very strong, thick and bitter coffee brewed in an ibrik and chock full of caffeine.  This is not quite there.  It’s more mellow than I was hoping it would be.  It’s like a cup of coffee with cream and two sugars.  It’s a great coffee flavor but it’s not really an Arabic coffee flavor.

The clouds were great and the smoke was smooth as silk.  It was a pleasure to smoke.  I would think that this would be a great middle ground between the sweet and fruity flavors that many people are familiar with and the oft over looked spice flavors I love so much.  And yes, coffee is considered a spice by many.  It’s an aromatic seed.  Well, Mr. Knowitall, what would you call it?  Now is not the time for this.  Leave a comment if you disagree.

I give this a solid 7 out of 10.  I docked it down from an 8 only because I thought the name of Arabic Coffe was not lived up to.  This is a great coffee flavor and it’s easy to smoke with little to no buzz and great clouds.  Good for the college/art house crowd.  There are some really terrible coffee flavored tobaccos out there so this may be a good stepping stone before you accidenty scare yourself away from an entire genre of wonderful flavors.

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