strabuzz-citrus-mintI have smoked more Starbuzz lately than ever before.  I can see both side of the argument clearly now.  Some people love it and some people could not care less about it.  I am kind of in the middle.

Starbuzz Citrus Mist is a great flavor.  It is a sweet citrusy flavor with a slight menthol coolness that is really enjoyable.  It’s not a mint flavor by any means and does not taste like one.  The citrus is something like a combination of sweetened lemon and grapefruit.  Maybe a little very dry orange.  It is nice and enjoyable.  It’s a medium strength flavor with great clouds.  It’s very heat resistant and not too drippy.

Without mentioning any brands, this flavor has some very strong similarities to gummy worms and other classic gummy style candies.  It’s got a slight mouth drying effect and a spot on flavor.  I have heard that originally Starbuzz was planning on calling this Gummy Worms or something like that but there were stopped from doing so for legal reasons.  I’m not sure i somebody actually filed a claim on the name or if they just wanted to avoid potential problems but either way, we have Citrus Mist for our enjoyment today. If you like gummy candies then go pick up a tin of this.  It does come in a 100g tin so you can sample before dropping a bunch of money.

8 out of 10.  It’ hard for me to rate starbuzz at a solid 9 because I always dock it a bit for price.  If you are a Starbuzz fan and enjoy citrus then this is the blend for you.  It’s sweet but not too sweet.  It has great clouds and is a really enjoyable flavor.

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