Hello, folks. Paul here once again with another review for you and this one is for Starbuzz Queen of Sex shisha, which is an odd name for a citrus blend. When I smelled this one in the can, it smelled very prominently of like an artificial pink lemonade or like a strawberry lemonade but smoking it, it’s, I’d say, mostly kind of a candied lemon and orange flavor. It’s not half bad. I like the flavor that I’m getting.

Now, as you can tell, the clouds are good, which is to be expected from Starbuzz, but the flavor is pretty light. I’ve tried this one in a few different packing techniques and a couple different bowls and every time the flavor has been very light. I’ve packed it light and low, light and fluffy, dense and high and everything I could think of. Originally, I was using two Coco Naras on top of this mini bowl but I figured out that this really needs a lot of heat to get any real flavor out of it, so I’m actually using three Coco Naras on my mini phunnel, which I don’t do pretty much ever.

Starbuzz Queen of Sex Shisha

Even with that, the smoke is good but the flavor is light. Yeah, it’s not bad by any means, I actually am enjoying this quite a bit, but it requires a lot of heat and if you’re looking for a very pungent, very strong citrus flavor, there are definitely better options on the market. If you like lighter flavors, if you like things that aren’t quite so impactful, this might be a good option for you but for me it’s kind of a middle ground. I can’t really give it a solid thumbs up simply because it is so light.

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