starbuzz-spearmintMint is one of the most replicated and useful flavors in a hookah smokers library.  Sometimes it seems like blenders will get lazy and just mix mint into another flavor and call it something new.  Not that mint flavored tobacco is unpleasant in any way but mixing it with other flavors is something I can do myself…

Spearmint by Starbuzz is not mixed with anything.  It’s just spearmint but it might not be what you expect.  There are subtle differences in the different kinds of mint and this one follows it’s name sake fairly well.  Spearmint is a little softer of a flavor than common mint and has a slightly spicy taste to it that many feel is a distinct part of the plant’s flavor.  Most people experience spearmint through gum which really isn’t the most accurate… but it’s probably what Starbuzz was trying to replicate and they did a good job.  The smell on this one is a little much for me.  It’s very sweet and a little minty but it’s very distinct.  The tobacco is dyed bright green, which is a negative for me.

The flavor is similar to the flavor you get from a piece of half chewed gum.  The flavor is not overly strong but you know what it is.  It’s sweet and slightly minty with a little bit of a plant like flavor that surprised me.  It tastes more like the flavor of the natural plant than I was going to give it credit for.

All in all I am giving this a 6 out of 10.  It is not my favorite mint but it’s a fairly accurate flavor for the name.  It’s the best spearmint I have had to date but I have not had many.  It’s a little too cloying at times and I am not a fan of the dye so that drops it down a couple points.  The price is another.

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