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Starbuzz Tropicool Shisha Review

Hello, folks, Paul here again with another review for you. This one is for Starbuzz Tropicool shisha. I was terrified of this flavor when I first smelled it. In the can, it smells really strong, amazingly artificial and overly, way, way overly sweet. But once it’s actually smoking, it’s much more enjoyable than that and I am pleasantly surprised.

The flavor is definitely, it’s kind of medium tropical fruit blend. It’s not the red fruit punch flavor that a lot of mixed-fruits style flavors are. It’s got many, a little bit of banana in it, actually. It has, from what I can tell – I mean, it’s tough because it’s a very homogenous blend of flavors, but I’m trying to pick out – there’s maybe a little bit of guava, even a little bit of papaya. It’s pretty nice. I’m actually really enjoying this.

Starbuzz Tropicool ShishaAs you can tell, the clouds are good. Even though I’ve been smoking this bowl for probably, I don’t know, 45 minutes coming on to an hour now, the clouds and the flavor are staying pretty good, medium on the flavor, pretty high on the clouds. The cool aspect of this. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a gum flavor, but there is kind of a menthol-like note in the background. No mint flavor to speak of, but a little bit of menthol that reminds me of some of the, like, tropical flavored gums that I’ve had. Maybe Fruits Stripes. I haven’t had Fruit Stripe gum in, I don’t know, decades, so I really can’t tell you that this is absolutely a Fruit Stripe flavor.

But it’s pretty good. Honestly, it’s more subtle than I thought it was gonna be but it’s still got a medium strength and, frankly, if you like tropical flavors and you like something with just a little bit of menthol in it, I think this is a really good option. Yeah, so that’s it. This is a thumbs up from me for Starbuzz Tropicool, so yeah, I’ll see you guys next time. Happy smoking.


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