There is nothing quite like Tangiers Blue Flower. You all know how I feel about floral flavors and this is some top tier tobacco. What is a blue flower? read on and find out.

The smell is distinctly floral and sweet with a spicy robustness that is really intriguing. This is one floral Tangiers flavor that doesn’t punch you in the face when you smoke it, which is good because the smell of many floral flavors can be overpowering and almost sickening. I just like to take the container for this one and smell it from time to time.

The clouds are fluffy and have a distinct texture that I love. If you’re looking for a smoke with a little robustness and a feeling that you are actually smoking something rather than just breathing air, this is a perfect smoke.

The flavor is exactly what I want in a tobacco. It’s is very strongly flavored and really smooth. Lavender is the dominant flavor and comes with all of the spicy and earth notes that you would expect from real lavender. Rounding out that main note is a more subtle floral sweetness that I would describe as violet. I know that many people don’t ever experience violet as a flavor, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s something I really love.

Tangiers Blue-Flower

When it comes to floral tobacco, this is one of my favorites and it is one that I think every should try at least once. This is only available in noir, so expect to feel the nicotine, but it’s surprisingly smooth and easy to manage for a line of tobacco known for being fickle and difficult. If you like florals, get the Tangiers blue flower and prepare for something really unique. If you don’t like florals, it’s a great way to start down the path of wine and roses.

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