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Tangiers Double Orange Shisha Review

double-orange-shishaTangiers makes some really great flavors and their orange flavors are very popular.

The base of this flavor is obviously the highly rated Orange Soda and there is a medium note of rose. Supposedly there is an anise flavor as well but I don’t taste it. I was very excited about this flavor but it’s a bit less flavorful than I would like.

The orange flavor is solid and very good but I’d rather buy orange soda and Lemon Blossom then mix it myself. I’m a fan of throwing some Nakhla Double Apple in the mix as well to kick up the anise flavor.

7 out of 10. I like it but I’m not going to buy it again. if you don’t like floral notes then move along. If you do like rose then this is a decent flavor.


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