This is the third flavor I have tried from the new line of Tangiers Birquq Tobacco and I’ve been smoking it enough to finally give a real review for this flavor.

For those who do not know, soursop is a kind of fruit that is known by quite a few names. This is a more strongly flavored version of the guanabana flavor that can be found in the Noir line of Tangiers Tobacco. The picture at the top of this post is a soursop fruit, which is the fruit of a broad leaf evergreen tree native to many South and Central American countries.

The smell of this tobacco is like a creamy pineapple with a hint of green apple. It’s definitely tropical in nature and quite fruity. The scent is a little weak and kind of hard to pick out and pinpoint. My limited experience with the soursop fruit tells me that the smell is quite accurate.

The clouds are big and puffy. The smoke is smooth with a decent texture.

The flavor is where this tobacco falls short. There is a bit of a soursop flavor, but it is very light. This is apparently a much stronger version of the original guanabana, but I really think it needs to be even stronger. There is a creamy, fruity flavor that I enjoy, but I find this tobacco to be lacking.

5 out of 10. This is not a bad toacco but I had to take a few points off for the lack of flavor. If this were stronger, I could see this being a great addition to my rotation. Until it gets refined and strengthened, I can’t really suggest this one. I really hope that Birquq Soursop gets reworked to be stronger. Happily, this tobacco is easier to deal with than the Noir line and it still offers a good buzz.

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