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Tangiers Lucid Horchata Shisha Review

tangiers-horchataBrand and Flavor:  Tangiers Lucid Horchata

Shisha Tobacco Cut:  It’s the general Tangiers cut.  Brown and very wet.

Hookah Type: KM double trimetal.  Nammor hose

Duration: 2 hours

Bowl: Vortex bowl

Foil / Screen:  Regular foil

Coal / Amount:  3 or 4 CH QL coals depending on the necessity.

Smoke:  Awesome smoke.  Very thick and dense. A strong mouth feel.

Buzz:  Medium.  It’s nice and relaxing.

Smell / Flavor:  It smells like creamy cinnamon and molasses.  The flavor is similar but a bit light.

Rating (1 to 10):  8  I am giving this tobacco a solid rating.  It’s a very tasty and very resilient tobacco.  This is a nice spice flavor with a distinct cream like feel.  It’s tasty and lives up to the noir version.  I prefer the noir by a little bit because the tobacco flavors actually blend well with the horchata flavors.  When I have the option there is very little I prefer over a mix of lucid horchata mixed with noir horchata about 50/50 with each other.  If you are a fan of spice flavored tobacco then I suggest picking this one up.  It’s great and easy to work with.


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