There are very few tobaccos that I just outright suggest to everyone. Tangiers Lucid Mimon is one such tobacco and I think that if you snag yourself a pack and serve it up at your next party there will be plenty of smiles to go around. But, why do I think it’s so wonderful?

Mint is one of the most ubiquitous flavors and it seems to work its way into every other mix on the market. Grape, apple, double apple, orange and cinnamon are all candidates for blending with mint. But, the king of mint matches is lemon, which is in itself a mixing king. I can’t think of another blend that should be more refreshing if you use a high quality mint and lemon. Use bad tobacco and you’ll make a bad blend. It’s a pretty simple concept and Tangiers got it right.


Tangiers is known for making more realistic flavors than many other brands and Mimon is no different with an oily and refreshing lemon up front backed by a moderately strong and somewhat herbaceous mint. It’s practically perfect. I will always keep this tobacco on hand for the enjoyment of myself and all of my friends. The flavor is deep and complex enough to satisfy the most jaded hookah smokers, but it’s also enjoyable in its simplicity.


This tobacco is doubly approachable because it’s the Lucid version, which means it has less nicotine than the other Tangiers lines. It’s not nicotine free by any means, but it’s not going to have you newbie smoker friends worshiping at the altar of the porcelain god at the end of the night.

Get it. Smoke it. Love it.

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