Here at we are always looking for the best customer experience to recommend and a big part of that is the vendor. To that end I’ve been making anonymous orders with some of our supporting vendors to see how easy the process is and how well they handle their customers. As always, I’m going to be brutally honest and present you folks with exactly how I feel about the experience.

First up on the chopping block is Texas Hookah, a vendor I’ve known for quite a while thanks to them carrying hard to find tobacco. The website is a little antiquated in style and sometimes a little hard to figure out but it works well enough and gets the job done.

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Their prices are pretty damn good across the board with only a few items being a bit above what others are charging. The selection is great from the coals to the accessories but where this vendor really shines is the tobacco.

Regarding tobacco, they have a huge selection of brands with some very rare and hard to find products that will keep me coming back. With modern offerings like Tangiers and Social Smoke alongside Desi Murli, Salloum and Jurak I am a very happy hookah smoker. They keep each of these categories well stocked but don’t be surprised if a few flavors are sold out from time to time as they are not the largest operation and some of their products are hard to get regularly.

I placed my order without any hassle, it was packed up quickly and arrived at my door in short order. Everything was well packed, the tobacco was fresh and I have no complaints about this end of the transaction.

If I could pick on anything I think it would be the layout of their website. It’s functional but some pages are a bit confusing to navigate and there are some products that have been out of stock for years but remain on the website. Even if they are listed as “out of stock” it’s still disheartening to see rare items like Tangiers Super Chief bowls listed when they won’t be coming back.

All in all I would say this was a positive experience. I’m happy to recommend this vendor with great confidence that you’ll find something you love and wind up very happy with their service.

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