After my latest blog post touting the merits of silicone in hookah accessories, I figured I should give you a look at a new product that I have been enjoying. This is the Palace Glass Hookah Hose. I was gifted one of these hoses to try out by and I think it’s worth a review. I do want to be clear, the fact that this was gifted to me does not affect my reviews either way and I will only ever tell you my true and honest opinion.

The Palace Glass Hookah Hose was actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. The silicone is thick walled, heavy and flexible. The aluminum end piece is nicely machined. The glass mouthpiece is sturdy, beautifully simple and considerably large. The mouthpiece comes separate from the rest of the hose, but it’s very easy to slip into the silicone and creates a perfect seal.

One of the nicest things about silicone is how neutral it is. Unlike many washable hoses, a silicone hose does not need to be broken in and does not have any plastic flavor that needs to be smoked through. It’s also entirely washable, both inside and out. No need to worry about getting water on your pretty hose and having the thing unravel or fall apart.

There is nothing that can fall apart on this hose and that’s both a strength and weakness. I love how simple and functional this hose is, but this is definitely a product at which the traditionalists will turn up their noses. There is nothing classic or traditional about this hose and it feels more like a piece of lab equipment than it does an accessory to one of the most ancient smoking practices.

Palace Glass  Hookah Hose

I did find the hose to be quite a bit heavier than I was expecting and I think it may be too heavy for small hookahs. The silicone needs to be thick to avoid collapse during the draw, but it adds a lot of weight that I don’t hate, but don’t entirely love. Just make sure that you are buying this for use when smoking a very sturdy hookah.

Stability concerns aside, this hose smokes beautifully. The draw is ever so slightly tighter than a NuHose/Fancy Hose and it has amazing airflow that is just about perfect for me. I don’t like that I can’t grip this hose with my teeth in the same way I can with an acrylic tip, but I’ll get over it. The mouthpiece is the right length to allow you to see the smoke inside without being unwieldy.

Now we come to the big breaking point for this hose. The basic Palace Glass Hose costs $29 and comes in black, blue and clear. That is damn expensive for a hose, but when you factor in the included glass mouthpiece that would probably sell for about $20 alone it’s not all that bad. The glowing version retails for $37.50. Ouch. almost $40 for a single hose? That’s a tough sell for me. The functionality is great, it’s washable, it will last forever, and it looks pretty cool if you like the futuristic look, but it is a very expensive hose.

If you have disposable income, go for it. I think the product is great and worth a little attention. But, if you’r like me, the price is just too steep. I’m very happy with the model I have, but I don’t see myself picking up anymore of them, though I wish i could…

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