My tastes might not line up with yours but these are my favorite 5 Nakhla tobacco flavors as of right now. These are in no particular order so I think you should try them all.

1. Nakhla Earl Grey: A flavor modeled after that classic tea most of you have probably tried but never knew what was in it. Earl Grey is flavored with bergamot orange oil is is quite strong. The tobacco is no different. This is a flavor that you will either love or hate. If you like the tea pick some of this up and mix it with some vanilla and lemon tobacco. If you LOVE earl grey tea then smoke this one alone like I do.

2. Nakhla Mizo Mint: This is one beastly strong tobacco. It’s super minty and cooling to the point that it’s too uncomfortable for many to enjoy. It’s also natural tasting though. It does not taste like gum but rather like real mint leaves. I think it’s great. For a lover of mint flavors this is the holy grail.

3. Nakhla Double Apple: This is the flavor that is most often associated with hookah and it’s the most commonly smoked flavor in the world. Double apple is the flavor of hookah and Nakhla Double Apple is considered the best there is. It’s the golden standard by which all other double apple flavors are judged.

4. Nakhla Tropicana: This citrusy flavor is a strong and accurate grapefruit and tropical fruit flavor. This is one of the strongest flavors I have ever smoked. It’s tasty and pungent while still being accurate and pleasing. I think that this is one of the most overlooked flavors that Nakhla makes and it’s worth a try.

5. Nakhla Margarita: When I think of a margarita I think of sweetened lime and earthy tequila. This flavor is a robust and full flavored accurate lime rather than an artificial candy lime and I think it’s the best margarita on the market. I was sad the first time I ran out of this one.

Not all of these flavor are the easiest to find. I could list more Nakhla flavors that I love but these are the top 5. Maybe I’ll do a follow up with the next 5 to complete my to 10 some time soon.

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