Tangiers is one of the most interesting brands on the a market and it’s made right here in the USA.  With an astounding following, there is a plethora of unique and (sometimes) odd flavors available, but which flavors are the best? There is a lot to choose from, so let me help you decide what flavors are worth trying.

  1. Horchata: This flavor is a familiar one for those who live in Southern California. Horchata is a creamy rice drink made with cinnamon and the hookah tobacco is based on that popular drink. The flavor is a light, creamy, cinnamon flavor and I love it. In Lucid, this flavor is a great tobacco to relax with when you don’t want something that is a punch in the face.
  2. Orange Soda: This favor is, obviously, an orange flavor. This tobacco is said to have a fizzy and stingy quality that people associate with carbonation, thus the soda moniker. I have really enjoyed this flavor and it is one of the most suggested flavors in the entire line.
  3. Melon Blend: This tobacco is a very tasty and smooth blend of different melon flavors that include watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Another flavor that I suggest getting in the Lucid line, Melon Bend is one of my favorite tobaccos. It’s one of the best melon flavors you can find.
  4. Mimon: Mint and lemon combined at powerful levels designed to grab your sinuses and hold on for a long time. This flavor eventually mellows out into one of the smoothest and most flavorful tobaccos on the market. Available in both the Lucid and Noir line, either one will treat you well. It really just depends on the kind of buzz you are looking for.
  5. Peach Iced Tea: This is, seriously, one of the most accurate and delicious flavors on the planet. It tastes exactly like Snapple peach tea and I try to keep this one in my rotation at all times. In fact, I’m out. I need to order more.
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