It’s a simple concept that has many hookah smokers rolling their eyes. The Heba Diffuser is simply a plastic accessory that looks like a basket stuck on the end of your down stem. So, what’s with those claims about improved filtration and reduced nicotine? I love the bubbling sound. Why would I want to reduce the signature rumble of a hookah?

Adding a diffuser isn’t for everyone, but I like the option to reduce the noise of a hookah. That rumble can be distracting when talking with friends and the lower noise level allows us to watch quieter movies and televisions shows without jacking up the volume.

The claims of reduced nicotine and improved cleanliness are shaky, but actually have some validity. The basic idea is increasing the surface area of the smoke that makes contact with the water by breaking the bubbles up into smaller chunks. Any filtration that occurs thanks to contact with the water will be increased with increased, but I would like to see some actual data regarding water filtration of hookah smoke before I support or deny any of these claims.

How to use Heba Hookah Diffuser

Using the diffuser is pretty simple. Choose either the large or small size (there should be on of each in the box) and then you just slip the rubber collar around the end of your down stem and then connect it with the diffuser basket. The tough part comes when you’re dealing with a hookah like a Khalil Mamoon that has a nut or flare at the end of the down stem because the rubber collar won’t fit over this bit.

Some people like to soften the rubber in hot water to let it stretch more, but I just skip that step and use a razor to cut slits on the inside. You don’t need a perfect seal for the diffuser to function properly, so just be careful to not cut through the collar (or your finger) and you’ll be good. Still a little tight? Now you can soften the rubber a bit in hot water.

How to use Heba Hookah Diffuser

And here you get to see the results of years of use. the rubber has become yellowed and stained thanks to the nicotine and other components in the smoke, but it’s still perfectly usable and flexible. The company suggest switching out the diffuser once in a while but I’m pretty sure that’ just to pad their sales. Get one and you’ll likely never need to buy another.

Do you have a diffuser? Did you like it? Did you find it impossible to attach to your stem and now it just sits in a box unused?

Let us know what you think of this unique product.

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