al-amir-triple-appleThis is the first flavor I have tried from the Exotic line by Al Amir.  This is their “premium” line and so far it’s treated me pretty well.  This is a triple apple flavor which means that it’s a sweet apple flavor with only a hint of anise as opposed to the double apple flavor which is heavily spiced.  The tobacco was dripping wet and finely chopped.

I smoked this out of my Khalil Mamoon double trimetal in a vortex bowl with three coconut coals and regular foil.  I figured it would be able to handle some good heat and I was right.  Wet tobacco like this is usually fairly heat resistant.  The clouds were impressive and dense.  The flavor was a light apple flavor at the beginning that picked up one the heat worked it’s way through the bowl.  Once warmed up I would say it was a light-medium apple flavor with a distinct sweetness.  There is still a little bit of anise flavor but it is barely there and only serves to make the smoke a little more complex.

I would give this blend a 7.  My major problem was how light the flavor was.  If it were stronger I would be a big fan of this flavor and would recommend it to everyone looking for a good apple flavor.  There were just too many times that the flavor faded to almost nothing while smoking and the flavor did not last for the full hour that the coals did.

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